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The Features

  • Exhaustive library of chords.
  • Scroll standard chord-shapes.
  • Save new chord-shapes.
  • Edit all fingering.
  • Save chord progressions, songs and experiments.
  • Name any chord.

Scroll all chord-shapes for all chords

Swipe fretboard with two fingers to change Key




How Chords Are Made

  • How Chords Are MadeHow Chords Are Made
  • Power Chords and Double StopsPower Chords and Double Stops
  • Custom ChordsCustom Chords
  • Inversions and Slash ChordsInversions and Slash Chords
  • Saving Songs and Creating ArrangementsSaving Songs and Creating Arrangements
  • RealChords iPhone ManualRealChords iPhone Manual
  • RealChords Pro iPad ManualRealChords Pro iPad Manual









About RealChords

RealChords was conceived and designed by Rob Grenville

Production by Appster www.appster.com.au

Project management by Josiah Humphrey and Dzmitry Buryi

Logic coded by Serge Schernickov

Design by Pavel Povoroznuk and Jan Dvorak.

Web design by Renan Barco

Web coding by David Conway Jr.

Production Supervised by Shannon Wells and Matthew Manuel.