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Hi all. If you read about RealChords In The Guitar Techniques magazine, thanks for the visit. For clues as to how to use the app effectively, check out the RealChords YouTune Channel. There are tutorials on ‘How Chords Are Made”, “Substitutions” and also backing tracks that show the chords while you play along. Please friend […]

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Chord Substitutions for in G

Here are the substitutions listed in the RealChords YouTube Video. G. Em. Am. G7…. G. E7. A7. G7…. GMaj7. Em9. Am9. D13b9…. Bm7. Em7. Am7. D7…. Bm7. Bm6. Am7. Am6…. G. G#o. Am7. D7…. Bm7. Bb7. Am7. Ab7…. Try these for Jazzy turn-arounds as shell triads: G7. Bb7. A7. Ab7…. Bm11. Bb7b5. Am11. Ab7b5…. B7+. […]

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