iPad Manual

Learn to use the RealChords app with our iPad Manual.

App iPad Chords

Viewing Chords:


Press the Chord Menu Bar to open menu.

Select a chord-type from menu.

The Yellow note is always the ‘1’ note.

Strum the Chord to hear it.

Close iPad Icon clears the fretboard.

Scroll chord-shapes with the arrows.

Key of Chord.

You can enter notes one-by-one using the Top-Note-Buttons. (TNBs).

Top-Note Button
See, and hide missing notes with TNBs.
TNBs shows Chord's formula.

Select any formula, or any combination of notes with TNBs.

  • Shows the saved fingering for chords.

    Enter and edit fingering by touching a note when Hand
    button is active.
    T stands for Thumb.

  • Show the note’s names on the notes.

  • 1.3.5 button displays the chord’s formula on the notes.

  • Display-All-Notes, (DAN) shows chord’s notes in all possible positions on the fretboard.

    Press DAN again to show all notes in grey. Enter chord by touching notes. One per string.

  • Show a single chord on fretboard. Scroll chord-shapes with the arrows.

  • &

    Shows one chord-shape in color,
    all other notes in grey. Scroll chords with the arrows.

  • The Key of the displayed Chord. 1 is always yellow.


Chord to My
Save new
Chord's Name
Chord's Symbol
Chord's Formula
Delete new
Save new
Name new
Chord Tabs
Active in color. Touch to
select. Strum chord.

Saving new Chord-shapes

Select a chord from the menu. Or, enter chord’s notes with the Top-Note-Buttons.

Press the Display-All-Notes (DAN) button
Press DAN again. All notes now in grey.

Select a chord by touching the notes. One per string.

Press Save to save new chord.

If essential notes are missing a warning will appear — Delete non-standard chord-shapes Trash.

Select Chord, and DAN-grey modes. Then select one note per string by touching notes.
Chords must have 3 notes. Chords must comply with the rules of harmony.

If rules are broken this pop-up will appear:

Saving songs and sequences of chords

When any single chord is displayed you will see Down Arrow.

Press Down Arrow to export the chord to the ‘My Sequences’ Menu-Bar

To add more notes:
Press menu. Select Chord type. Slide to key.
Select chord-shape

Press Down Arrow.

Add up to 8 chords in this way.

Press Plus sign to name your sequence.

View chords by touching their symbol on the menu bar.
Strum chords to play sequence.

Press Open Folder to open an already saved sequence.


To add chords to a saved sequence

Press menu. Select chord type. Slide to Key.
Select chord-shape

Press Edit.

Press Down Arrow to insert chord into sequence.

Press Save to save changes and finish edit.


To delete chords from a saved sequence

Press Edit.

Press Close (X) on the note.

Press Save to save changes and finish edit.


To edit chords in a saved sequence

Press Edit.

Move chord with one finger.

Press Save to save changes and finish edit.



Press Search at the bottom of the screen

Touch a string at any fret to show a note. Add more notes. See a list of names for the chord. Select a Chord Name from the list. Notice that the note colors match the formula. Hidden notes have a X on the Top-Note-Button.

Touch Guitar the Guitar symbol to transfer this chord to the main user interface.

If this shape is not already saved you will see the Save.

To clear Chord-Namer fretboard, Press Search icon.

Chord Sequences Screenshot 1 Chord Sequences Screenshot 2 Chord Sequences Screenshot 3

RealChords recognises parts of chords. Hidden notes are shown with an X on the Top-Note-Buttons, and in small font on the menu bar. Chords must include essential notes. If essential notes are absent, you will be alerted. The app is designed to have a minimum of exclusions.