iPhone Manual

Learn to use the RealChords app with our iPhone Manual.

app_menuShows settings,
Chord-finder, Info.
Show's Chord's
Show's Chord's
Use the app_nav to scroll chord-shapes
for one chord.
Directory to
Chord Menu
Show Chord's formula.
Enter notes with Note
Reveal more
fretboard by
swiping here
with one finger

  • btn_iphone-s

    See one
    chord shape

  • btn_iphone-c

    See note names
    on notes

  • btn_iphone-n

    See Chord's
    formula on notes

  • btn_iphone-f

    See Chord's

  • btn_iphone-a

    See all
    Chord's notes

  • Active

    See all notes in grey. Select notes
    and play any combination of notes.



Viewing chords

Select chords from directory. Strum chord to hear it.

Use app_nav arrows to see the standard chord-shapes.

Swipe the fretboard vertically with two-fingers
to select any Key.

Press Black bar (chord name)
to clear the fretboard.

To see more fretboard.

Finger fret numbers up and down.

With DAN and Chord button on together scroll all standard chords in context of total scheme
for the selected chord.

With DAN and Chord button on together:
Enter any combinations of notes with Note-Buttons and play all possible chords, and non-chords in this mode.



Touch string at any fret to show a note.

Add more notes.
See a list of names for the chord. Scroll the list
to show hidden entries. Hidden notes have small font

Select a chord name from the list
to transfer it back to the main fretboard.



Select Right, Left handed and upside-down views.
Turn hints on and off.